Friday, December 19, 2008

A new start

I guess what I'm about to write wouldn't be a big surprise if you'd taken my few previous blogs seriously. After years of watching and reading others take on the culinary world...I've made the decision to go into culinary school myself. I've set a goal of saving money and getting my ducks in a row to begin school October 2009. I'm hoping to attend the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Vancouver, given its stellar reputation and extremely awesome proximity to my house (five minute walk, doesn't get better than that).

I've been floating on a cloud for weeks thinking about it, dreaming about the possibilities. I don't yet know if my end goal is to be a chef, a food writer or a chef who writes about food. But I know that whatever I want to do, going to a great culinary school and earning my diploma is the next step. I'm only 25. School is a year. Now is the time, before I get tied down with a mortgage or kids or whatever else comes my way.

Unfortunately, after a couple weeks of bliss...the freaking out has also set in. I have to quit an awesome job doing something I am good at, that I potentially have a very lucrative future in. I love being on air. I love telling stories. And I love my coworkers at the CBC. Ever since I got to Vancouver, I've been going from job to job, having to meet new people and learn new skills all over again. I finally found a place where I could see myself working for at least the next few years, learning new skills, working with amazing professionals who've helped me tremendously. I've gotten to do so much since I got there. Can I really give up a well paying, fantastic career track job to start something completely new??

I don't know.

I don't even know how good a chef I'd be. I mean, I'd give it my absolute best shot. And I tend to be great at things I love (who isn't?) But...what about my dreams of being on air? Home ownership? Stability?

I'm putting so much on the line. It's terrifying. I've been spending all day torturing myself with scenarios where I crash and burn and get incinerated in the process. I absolutely hate the unknown. I also hate change.

Yet this change I'm planning excites me more than anything has excited me in a very long time. I can hardly think about anything else. I'm practically vibrating I'm so excited.

So tomorrow I'm going to the Art Institute open house to check out the curriculum. I've already planned a meeting with someone from admissions in January. It helps me to set goals and achieve them. I want this so badly. I want to do well. I hope that will be enough for now.

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